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Bridgeport In The Know

A web site with everything about Bridgeport
is a labor of love by one local woman

The Bridgeport In The Know web site has been around in one form of another for the past 6 years.  It was the idea of Madeline Dennis Raleigh, who had just moved to Bridgeport, CT in 2007.  “From the day I moved here, I loved Bridgeport, its diversity, grittiness and people. But as a new resident I could not find the information I needed about the city.”  In 2007, she started a Yahoo Discussion Group called “Bridgeport In The Know” to give neighbors a chance to chat and exchange online information. The online group gained hundreds of loyal members who discussed everything from garbage pickup to art galleries.

In 2008 Madeline decided the time had come to start a Bridgeport In the Know web site.

She added hundreds of Bridgeport web links to help everyone find even more city information, photographs, and articles about Bridgeport.  

Bridgeportinthknow.com now has the most complete collection of web sites and information about the city.  There are over 800 web links – everything from restaurants, stores, businesses, and organizations to social services, entertainment, books, and politics. There are also 100 videos on Bridgeport topics.  A special section contains a list of 18 Bridgeport songs from 1915 to the present, many with recordings and videos.   

The site contains hundreds of Bridgeport photos ranging from contemporary downtown images to historic photographs. There are links to hundreds of additional Bridgeport photographs found on the web and on sites such as Flickr. 

Web site owner Madeline Dennis Raleigh says, “Bridgeport is the biggest city in Connecticut. We need an all-inclusive online place for easy access to its incredible diversity.”  She continues “The site is free and totally independent of any spin, slant or paid advertising. I have no agenda other than building the most inclusive web site about Bridgeport.”

Bridgeport In The Know also has a Facebook page with daily listings of Bridgeport news, events and discussions on current topics. The Facebook page has hundreds of fans from local merchants and artists to politicians and some colorful Bridgeport characters. It is one of the best sources for daily Bridgeport news. There is also a Bridgeport Knows Twitter for people on the go.

Madeline, a non-profit administrator, has been recently unemployed and has improved and updated the web site with even more Bridgeport content, and increased the daily Facebook post and Tweets about Bridgeport. “It’s amazing how much online information there is about this city,” she says, “history, articles, statistics, events, web sites, blogs. In fact, I challenge anyone to find 5 Bridgeport web sites that are not already included on Bridgeport in the Know.  If they can, I’ll send them a special Bridgeport reward.”  She added “Consistently updating my web site keeps me connected to Bridgeport and helps others keep up-to-date on happenings in the city.”

Bridgeport In the Know has been awarded Best Blog - 2nd place in the Fairfield Weekly’s Readers’ Polls in 2008, 20010 and 20011.

Also on the web site is Bridgeport To Nowhere, a blog by Bridgeport’s own Mr. Barnum with his irreverent and uniquely funny view of Bridgeport. There is also a link to Madeline’s Hearst CT Media blog, Natural Nutmeg, about nature and the environment in the Nutmeg State.

If you’re frustrated a not knowing what’s going on in The Park City, this is the web site for you. Easily find everything about Bridgeport all in one place. Everything you need to know is just a mouse click away at Bridgeport In The Know.  Here’s how to get to it all:

Bridgeport In The Know Web Site: 

Bridgeport In The Know Facebook Page:

Bridgeport In The Know Twitter:


Madeline Dennis Raleigh, web administrator of
bridgeportintheknow.com. Photo by Marcella Kovac.