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 Bridgeport In The Know


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1. You refer to your city as Da port, ConnectiKILL.

2. You know at least one person from P.T., Marina, or the Terrace.

3. You say things like "Whatchu Iz?", "EARLY!" "naw my nigga u gooood" "whatchu mean" and you know what being a "problem" is.

3. You have been to at least one basketball game between either Central and Harding, Bassick and Harding or Bassick and Central.

5. You know Kolbe Cathedral is a Catholic School but a lot of sinful things go on in there.

6. You think Bassick High School was the pregnant people school and you know a girl that went there just so she would be able to bring her baby to school with her.

7. You think Central students paid more attention to what people were wearing rather than getting an education but yet they claim they are the smartest of all 3 high schools.

8. You think Harding should have just been shut down and boarded up. Case closed.

9. You have been to at least one White Eagle, Second Level, or hall party.

10. You have been mased at one of these parties or a high school parties.

11. You have either lived in or know someone who lived in Father Panic Village before it got tore down.

12. You know somebody who does hair or makes dresses at Tech and you squeeze in an appointment with them for your prom so you donít have to pay full price for a hairstyle or dress.

13. You saw someone at your prom that you know graduated from high school like 5 years before.

14. You get your eyebrows done at the nail salon in the Arcade Mall or if your a guy, you get your shape-up at Broadway.

15. You shop at Jimmy's Army and Navy or Dru's.

16. Guys: You get your White Tees from Dru's. Ladies: You have been in Dru's coppin White Tees for your man and Dru was tryna sell you some Chanel earrings or a Louis Vitton bag. I mean really goin hard at it!!!

17. You know all the bus stops on the # 1.

18. You know who hustle man is and you have seen someone get hustled on the bus by him.

19. You know who Al Fixit is and you have seen him climb a pole to get somebody cable for 20 dollars.

20. You have seen a fight at the bus station or in Trumbull Mall.

21. You know a girl that wears cleats with baseball sock and tennis skirts or has cut up Jersey and made it into something totally different

22. You went to school in the morning with a breakfast sandwich or a flat ham and cheese and a 50 cent juice or soda (Big Burst or Top Pop).

23. You know what a Huggy soda is.

24. You still refer to the A&P grocery store on Park Avenue as Walbaums.

25. You claim you hate New Haven people but you got family there and you go to club GOTHAM faithfully on Thursdays.

26. You only go to Stratford to go to WalMart or Burlington Coat factory.

27. You know that Puerto Ricans stay on the East Side.

28. You know that the North End is the only nice part of BPT (well most of it).

29. You went to as many proms as possible as long as they werenít all on the same night.

30. You went to Frankie's or New Colony Diner after prom (preferably Frankie's).

31. You have had a cookout at Seaside or Beardsley Park.

32. You think Seaside water is diseased.

33. You went to the Puerto Rican Day Parade (ours and New York's) even if you are not Hispanic (you even bought a new outfit).

34. You get on the train to New York to get your hair done by the Africans.

35. You know spot to get some blazin ass Spanish food, Jamaican food, Chinese food or soul fool and you donít have to walk far to get there.

36. You still say "BLAZIN."

37. You think Bridgeport should be Connecticut's capital because we are the biggest city.

38. You think everyone in upstate CT is rich.

39. You and everybody else goes to the mall early in the morning when new jordans are coming out.

40. You find out about a fight u missed from ur friend or relative ... then u act like u saw it.