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City Procedures for Winter Storms
and Alternate Side of the Street Parking

When the city declares a snow emergency, parking is not permitted on any designated snow emergency street. These streets are clearly designated with signs. See full list of those streets below.

All city residents must also follow alternate side of the street parking rules. On even numbered days, residents should park their cars on the even numbered side of the street. On odd numbered days, residents should park their cars on the odd numbered side of the street.

The City will make an announcement regarding where cars banned from snow emergency streets can park. Often, they are permitted to park in Board of Education public school lot.

The parking ban ensures that plows and public safety crews can clear the streets.

The Bridgeport Police Department will enforce these bans, with a ticket, a tow or both. Vehicles parked in violation will be towed. Landlords and business owners are asked to allow renters and employees to park vehicles in driveways and parking lots.

Commuters are asked to drive safely & securely, and allow plows the right of way.

Residents are also asked to keep children away from street curbs and places where plows may be driving in order to keep children safe. Children should not be playing in snowdrifts or in piles of snow that plows may have left or may be adding to.

The Department of Public Works reminds all residents and business owners to shovel the sidewalk and walkways, including curb cuts, for pedestrian safety. Please do not shovel snow back into the street from your driveway or sidewalk. Anyone found throwing snow back into the street will be subject to a fine.

Plows will be concentrating on emergency access and primary roads first then moving onto the secondary roads until all roads are safely cleared.

Residents should call the following numbers to report snow removal concerns: 203-579-3829 or 203-576-1311, or post a Citizen Service Request online here. As always, residents are reminded to call 911 for immediate life-threatening emergencies during the storm.

Snow Emergency Streets
The following streets are designated as snow emergency streets:

Anton Street
Anson Street
Artic Street (Knowlton St. to Pembroke Lake)
Atlantic Street (Main to Iranistan Ave.)
Barnum Avenue (Noble Ave. to Stratford Town Line)
Berkshire Avenue (River St. to E. Main St.)
Bishop Avenue
Boston Avenue
Brewster Street
Briarwood Avenue
Broad Street
Brooklawn Avenue (Capitol to North Ave.)
Capitol Avenue (Park to North Ave.)
Central Avenue
Chopsey Hill Road
Congress Street
Connecticut Avenue
Hunting Street (Lindley to Anson St.)
Crescent Avenue (Knowlton St. to Noble Ave.)
Dewey Street
East Main Street
Ellsworth Street
Fairfield Avenue
Golden Hill Street
Grant Street
Gregory Street (Broad to Park)
Hawley Avenue Huntington Turnpike
James Street Jewett Avenue
John Street Lafayette Street
Lindley Street
Madison Avenue (Anton to Main)
Main Street
Maplewood Avenue
Mill Hill Avenue
Noble Avenue
North Avenue
North Washington Avenue (Lindley to River St.)
Old Town Road (Reservoir to Park Ave.)
Park Avenue (Capitol Ave. to Seaside Park)
Pequonnock Street
Reservoir Avenue
Seaview Avenue (Connecticut to Boston Ave.)
Springdale Street
State Street
Stratford Avenue
Summit Street
Thorme Street
Vincelette Street (Madison Ave. to Main St.)
Wood Avenue (Park to Sherwood Ave.)
Water Street (Fairfield Ave. to State St.)