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Protests of Cole Brothers Circus

in Trumbull

June 13 and June 15

Join concerned citizens outside the Westfield Trumbull Mall on June 13 and June 15 to protest the animal abuses of the Cole Brother Circus who will be performing in a tent at the Westfield Trumbull Mall. The protests take place at the Main Street mall entrance.

Cole Brothers, a well-known traveling circus, has a history of animal abuse and has been repeatedly cited and fined for failing to meet minimum standards of care and treatment for their animals. The circus is home to fifteen tigers, and six elephants.

Citations were issued to Cole circus by the USDA for failure to give veterinary care to animals and for failure to provide sufficient space for the animals. Other complaints include overworked and overloaded animals; animals abused with sharp metal bull hooks; and mishandled by means of neglect and malnourishment. In 2012, the circus paid a $15,000 fine for violations.  The protest against the Cole Circus is part of a bigger worldwide protest against animals in circuses that has banned wild animals from circuses in over 20 countries.

Many animal lovers are uniting and protesting against this circus, with many demonstrations taking place right outside the performances throughout Connecticut. The protestors at these rallies will carry signs and hand out pamphlets to educate the public about treatment of its elephants and other performing animals to discourage circus customers.

Protests will be at the Main Street entrance to the mall on Thursday June 13 starting at 6 pm and Saturday June 15 at both 3 pm and 6 pm.   Protesters can park your car on a side street right near the entrance or in the mall and walk to the mall entrance at 5065 Main Street.

If you are interesting in joining the protest, you can show up at the times indicated above, or for more information, contact Madeline Dennis at info@bridgeportintheknow.com or 203-296-9166.

For a schedule of other Cole Brothers protests upcoming in Connecticut this summer go to https://www.facebook.com/events/128733027324996/