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                   Bridgeport Web Links

Below are the categories for 800 links to Bridgeport-only web sites. 

If you have a link to add, send it to
●   City of Bridgeport Web Site
     Official city government web site

●   Articles, Profiles, Statistics & Books
     Good articles, stats and books about Bridgeport

●   Artists, Art Galleries and Art Studios
     Lists to the diverse art community of Bridgeport

●   Businesses and Manufacturing
     Businesses, factories

●   Car/Cycle Sales & Service
     Those with web sites, most don't have one

●   Development, Real Estate & Housing
     Agencies and groups, condos, City Master Plan

●   Entertainment, Recreation & Culture
     Entertainment places, museums, art galleries, theaters, etc.

●   Outdoor Recreation
     Parks and outdoor sports. Also all the water sports, weather, tide charts

●   History and Old Postcards & Photos
     Bridgeport history & lots of old post cards and photos      

●   Media
     Newspapers, radio stations, TV, etc.

●   Organizations and Groups
     Official city site, civic groups, non-profit groups, etc.

●   Places of Worship
     Churches, Synagogues, Religious Groups, etc.

●   Politics
     A tough town with tough politics !
     Political links and elected officials

●   Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs
     From posh to simple to raunchy

●   Schools and Teaching Institutions
     Public and private schools, universities, other training

●   Services
     Personal and professional

●   Stores and Merchandise
     Shopping in Bridgeport & merchandise made in Bport

●   Social Services
     Health, families, drugs, youth, etc.

●   Songs about Bridgeport 
     Songs, recordings and videos from 1915 to the present

●   Transportation
     Buses, trains, maps, etc.

●   Videos and Other Fun Stuff
     Lots of fun Bridgeport videos, trivia, etc.