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Things to Know About Bridgeport

Here is a list of various Bridgeport items that it is helpful for residents to know. This stuff should be easy to find and detailed on the city's web site but isn't. Also here are a couple of articles of interest to Bridgeporters.

●   Safety and Crime in Bridgeport 

●   Pickup of Brush, Leaves and Grass Clippings

●   Winter Snow Procedures

●   Farmers' Markets

●   Sending Service Requests to the City of Bridgeport

●   Household Hazardous Waste Day 

●   How to Obtain a Park Sticker

●   How to Recycle Electronics Locally

●   You Know You From Bridgeport When...

●   New Interest In Bridgeport's Neglected Neighborhoods
from the NY Times August 2007

●   Presidents Who Have Come To Bridgeport